11 Awesome DIY Life Hacks For Summer! Beach Trip, DIY Ideas and More

Are you ready to get a tan?! ‘Cause we are! Head down straight to the beach with our new summer hacks!
Learn how to keep your soda refreshments floating within the pool or dress up using your beach towel. Discover how to create sprayable sunscreen, patch up an inflatable ring, or easily refresh yourself with a cold scoop of ice cream. Stay tuned for all that and much more!

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00:04 Last Minute Blanket Dress
01:13 Floating Soda Basket
02:10 Donut Sunglasses Design
02:57 Sprayable Sunscreen
04:04 Find a Hole within Inflatable Wheel
05:13 Ice Cream Cupcake Holder
05:35 Take Out Frozen Ice cream
06:02 Bicycle Phone GPS Attachment
06:20 Phone Screen Sunlight Blocker
07:35 Underwater Photography
08:08 Hide Your Bottom Fix
09:00 Customize Your Pockets
09:54 Colorful T-shirt Stamps

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