11 Fun Back to School Hacks! DIY School Supplies

Whoops, is it Monday already? Better grab your school supplies and head back to school! We’ve got some fun school supplies tips that will save your energy during classes! Discover how to avoid messiness when drawing with a DIY artist’s cup lid and, while you’re at it, grab your Skittles and use them as paint! Make your life easier with an on-screen paper holder or learn to make a phone holder using paper clips! Stay tuned for this and many more school hacks!

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00:04 On Screen Paper Sheet Holder
00:48 Lovely Pen Case Prank
02:38 Anti Splash Artist’s Water Cup
03:04 Use Skittles as Paint
03:57 Cheat Note Nail Art
05:23 Paper Clip Phone Holder
05:54 Make a Circular Pattern Using a Soda Cap
06:46 DIY Crayon Handle
08:02 Space Shoes
09:02 DIY Phone Speaker
10:10 T-Shirt Print

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